Photo by Neil Segal
Photo by Neil Segal

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On the Jeff "Siege" Siegel Quartet’s third studio recording, the stalwart drummer merges his high energy, straight ahead post-bop with the deeply spiritual stylings of trumpet master Feya Faku to produce a vibrant sonic tapestry of South African infused jazz. “King of Xhosa” brings together Siegel’s longstanding quartet comprised of saxophonist Erica Lindsay, pianist Francesca Tanksley, and bassist Rich Syracuse with percussionist Fred Berryhill and trumpeter extraordinaire Feya Faku. Jeff Siegel and Feya Faku first came together in 2014 in Siegel’s home-turf of Woodstock, New York when Faku visited there to perform with Uhadi, his group of select South African musicians. Siegel was immediately drawn to Faku’’s sound. “From the first time I heard Feya in Woodstock, I knew that he had the perfect vibe, sound and soul to fit with my own quartet,” says Siegel. That summer, Siegel embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Cape Town and Grahamstown, South Africa, where he participated in the International Association of Schools of Jazz, and performed at the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. It was during this profound trip that the idea of a collaboration with Faku truly took hold. “Because African music is the roots of what we play as Jazz musicians, there was a feeling of being home while I was there,” he says, “…it was a blessing to meet, hear and play with wonderful musicians and experience the soul of Africa firsthand. - Lydia Liebman

London Live
King of Xhosa
Live in Europe
Magical Spaces

"This stimulating and often-stormy set of exciting post-bop jazz does an excellent job of displaying the musical talents of Jeff “Siege” Siegel’s quartet." - Scott Yanow, Jazz Artistry Now

with Lee Shaw Trio


Jazz pianist Lee Shaw is experiencing a career renaissance past her 80th birthday. A refined and intimate performer on her instrument, Shaw is not only reaping the rewards of her mature sound and voicings, but she is adding new material to a repertoire that is already quite expansive. With bassist Rich Syracuse and drummer Jeff Siegel, Shaw is building on the estimable reputation on her previous excellent CD Live in Graz with this marvelous set of original compositions from her and her bandmates. She displays an ease and grace you would naturally expect on the simply beautiful title track, where you can clearly hear the "sound" of a flower slowly opening via her lustrous piano musings and Siegel's cymbal washes leading to an open-ended waltz. "Holiday" has that bouncy and jaunty Latin regalia, while "Aldo Triste" is a straitlaced, nine-minute, Zen-quality bossa nova, and "Nipper's Dream" is samba light, all cool and refreshing. Where the deeper "Blues 11" in parallel to "My Man's Gone Now" and a romping, hard swinging cover of Fats Navarro's "Fats Blues" are added for contrast, Shaw's initially polite version of Johnny Guarnieri's "Virtuoso Rag" with its varying, then explosive tempi, really rams the point home that Shaw is not satisfied with conventional texts or rote reads of familiar standards. Syracuse also contributes music aside his steady, reliable bass playing as the bright, upbeat bopper "Cool Jack" and the mainly bass/drums workout "Sleeper" conveys, while Siegel's extended "Shifting Sands" is a simple, nice, lingering waltz. The material on this studio date is completely different from Live in Graz, though the trio remains the same, indicating Lee Shaw has much more left in the tank to draw upon on any given enchanted evening. Blossom, as the previous effort, comes highly recommended to those who enjoy witty, well-rendered jazz that has no need for bluster or boisterousness. - Michael G. Nastos

w/ John Medeski Live at the Egg
Live at Art Gallery Reutlingen
Live in Graz
Little Friend

with Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson


The jazz trio Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson first came together during the summer of 1990 in New York City, while its future members were each teaching at the same music workshop. Comprised of Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Jeff "Siege" Siegel (drums), and Tim Ferguson (bass), the band has toured in both the U.S. and Europe and has either played or recorded with such artists as Eddie Harris, John Abercrombie, Tal Farlow, Cecil Bridgewater, Ryan Kisor, Sir Roland Hanna, Lee Konitz, Ira Sullivan, Mark Whitecage, and the Fonda/Stevens Group. Although all three of its members play regularly with others (Stevens with Fonda-Stevens Quartet, Michael Stevens Quartet, and Miles Griffith's New 'Ting; Siegel with Sir Roland Hanna, John Scofield, Joanne Brackeen, and with the New York Trio Project; and Ferguson with Don Friedman and Eric Person), Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson had issued a total of four albums by the end of 2001 -- 1995's One of a Kind, 1997's Points of View, 1999's Panorama, and 2001's Triologue. ~ Greg Prato

Get Out of Town
Points of View
Panorama (feat. Valery Ponomarev)
One of a Kind

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Photo by Neil Segal
Photo by Neil Segal

ARC Records

  • Blossom (Lee Shaw Trio)
  • Confluence (Keith Pray)
  • King of Xhosa (Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet)
  • Live at Art Gallery Reutlingen (Lee Shaw Trio)
  • Live in Europe (Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet)
  • Live in Graz (Lee Shaw Trio)
  • London Live (Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet)
  • Outdoors (Esa Pietila & Jeff “Siege” Siegel Duo)
  • Together Again John Medeski & Lee Shaw Live at the Egg (Lee Shaw Trio)

Ayler Records

  • Dreamstuff (Jeff Marx & Jeff “Siege” Siegel)

Cadence  Records

  • A Place For Jazz (Lee Shaw Trio)

CAP Records

  • Magical Spaces (Jeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet)

Columbia Records

  • Minor Mutiny (Ryan Kisor)

Daisy Records

  • Music from Paradise (Jeffrey Lohn)

D.I.W. Records

  • Live From Soundscape (Arthur Rhames Trio)

Eilful Productions

  • I Think About You (Eileen Fulton)
  • Moonlight and Mistletoe (Eileen Fulton)

Eleven Eleven Records

  • A Spell Like This (Katie Bowen)
  • Humans Don’t Fly (Katie Bowen)

Harbinger Records

  • Maya the Bee (Nancy Harrow & Sir Roland Hanna)

Imaginary Records

  • Fifth House (New York Trio Project)
  • Get Out of Town (Siegel & Ferguson)
  • One of a Kind (Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson)
  • Panorama (Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson w/ Valery Ponomarev)
  • Points of View (Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson)
  • Triologue (Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson)

Islandview Records

  • Originals (Lee Shaw Trio)

Joobtone Records

  • Up Until Now (Mark Dziuba)

Konnex Records

  • One for Andrew (Michael Jefry Stevens Trio)

Lazy Bones Records

  • The Levin Brothers (Pete & Tony Levin)

Luvlee Records

  • Little Friend (Lee Shaw Trio)

Naugual Records 

  • Great Unknown (Jeff Marx)

ShaJa Pro Music

  • The Saxophone and the Drum (Saw Life)

SunJump Records

  • Alique’s Song (Steve Geraci)
  • Flying With the Comet (Second Sight)
  • Inyo (John Esposito, Jeff Marx & Jeff “Siege” Siegel)
  • Tahrir (John Esposito, Jeff Marx & Jeff “Siege” Siegel)
  • The Observer (Bob Murad)

Tamaba Records

  • Luna (Ale Demogli) 

No Label Affiliation

  • Brazilian Wish (Matt Finley)
  • Peaceful Erosion (Maiko Hata)
  • Special Edition (The Levin Brothers)
  • The Treatment (Vince Prudente)
Photo by Neil Segal
Photo by Neil Segal