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As Leader

Photograph by Rudy Lu


This project features the internationally reknowned South African Jazz star Feya Faku on trumpet and flugelhorn along with longtime friend and Afro-Latin percussionist Fred Berryhill on percussion. This group, along with Jeff’s regular quartet of Erica Lindsay on tenor saxophone, Francesca Tanksley on piano, Rich Syracuse and Jeff “Siege” Siegel on drums recorded the 2016 CD “King of Xhosa” (ARC). The sextet has toured on the US East Coast and Africa during June 2019 performing in South Africa at the Grahamstown/Makhanda Standard Bank Jazz Festival as well as in Eswatini as part their concert and teaching tour of US Embassies, universities, schools and clubs.


The quartet, originating in 2004 features the amazing women Erica Lindsay on tenor saxophone and Francesca Tanksley on piano – group members since the beginning. The group is joined by Jeff’s rhythm section partner bassist Rich Syracuse and has formerly toured and recorded with Danton Boller, Uli Langthaler (Austria) and Carlo DeRosa (toured). They have toured Europe 4 times and recorded 4 CDs, Magical Spaces (CAP), Live in Europe (ARC), King of Xhosa (ARC) and London Live (ARC). As a quintet, the band is frequently joined by the wonderful trumpet/flugelhorn artist Dylan Canterbury as well.

As Co-Leader

Hetko, Syracuse, Siegel

Hetko, Syracuse & Siegel

A trio featuring the virtuoso and award winning pianist Nick Hetko along with bassist Rich Syracuse and drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel. The trio's debut recording titled: “When You Were There” will be released on ARC in the Spring of 2019. The recording honors the late, great pianist and humanitarian, Dr. Lee Shaw, with whom Siegel and Syracuse performed and toured the U.S. and Europe for 14 years - including seven recordings.

CMP-Jazz Duo

Syracuse / Siegel Duo 
featuring Special Guests

The bassist Rich Syracuse and drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel have been working closely as a rhythm section since 2001.

Their tight knit chemistry, honed from literally thousands of gigs together, makes them the ideal rhythm section to host an array of guest artists 2 – 4 times every month at Catskill Mountain Pizza Company in Woodstock, NY.

The Duo also performs several  times per year at Grappa ’72 Ristorante in Albany, NY. 

They have presented the finest of artists from South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, the West Coast, New York City and of course the Hudson Valley.

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As Sideman


The Levin Brothers

A trio fronted by the renowned musicians Pete and Tony Levin featuring special guests such as Erik Lawrence and David Spinozza.  Between them, the Levins credits include Miles Davis, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Wayne Shorter, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Gil Evans, etc.  They’ve recorded two CDs and toured extensively throughout South and Central America, Japan, the East and West Coasts.  Jeff has been percussionist with The Levin Brothers since their beginning in 2014.


Richard Robinson

Producer/Guitarist: Richard Robinson’s
All Things To All People

A multi-cultural quartet featuring bandleader Richard Robinson on guitar, Snehasish Mozumder on mandolin, Hilliard Greene on bass and Jeff “SiegeI” Siegel on drums.  Rich and Jeff were original members of the avant garde ensemble “Theoretical Music” led by composer Jeffrey Lohn in the early 80’s touring throughout France in 1982 with the Karole Armitage Dance Company, performances in Chicago and New York. All Things to All People (the musical project) combines artists with backgrounds in Indian classical music, jazz, African music, South American music and New York "downtown" music into a sometimes combustible/ sometimes contemplative mixture of form and improvisation that, although recorded, is meant to be performed live and is never performed the same way twice.



Former Significant Projects of note as co-leader or sideman

Lee Shaw Trio

This trio, led by great pianist and humanitarian Dr. Lee Shaw, performed & toured the U.S. and Europe together for 14 years including seven recordings.

Stevens, Siegel & Ferguson Trio

A unique trio of pianist Michael Jefry Stevens, bassist Tim Ferguson & drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel which toured Europe (10-15 times) and the east coast of the US. producing 6 cds on the Imaginary Records label and Konnex.

Esa Pietilla/ Jeff “Siege” Siegel Duo

An avant garde duo consisting of tenor saxophonist Esa Pietilla (Finland) and Jeff “Siege” Siegel (U.S.) with a recording “Out Doors” on ARC and a European tour to their credit.

Marx/Siegel Duo

A partnership between two great friends and long time musical associates Jeff Marx, tenor saxophone and Jeff “Siege” Siegel on drums resulted in the the CD Dreamstuff (Ayler Records).

Czech/US Out

A collaboration between tenor player Jeff Marx, Jaromir Honzak on bass (Czech Republic) and Jeff “Siege” Siegel resulting in a European tour.

Marx, Esposito and Siegel

The three founding members of the famed group “Second Sight” (feat. Dave Douglas) formed a trio (minus bass) resulting in two cds for the Sunjump label and a European tour.

New York Trio Project

A trio partnership between guitarist Adam Rafferty and drummer Jeff “Siege” Siegel featuring different trio collaborations with revolving bassists John Menegon, Danton Boller and Christian Fabian with one cd on the Imaginary Records label and several European tours..

Second Sight

This amazing sextet burst onto the scene in the mid-80’s with their debut LP “Flying With the Comet (Sunjump) that featured the debut of trumpet star Dave Douglas.  Look for the long awaited release (32 years!) of their second recording “Tiger Tracks” coming soon on Sunjump Records. 

Sir Roland Hanna Trio

The legendary pianist Sir Roland Hanna kept this trio together with Atsundo Aikawa on bass and Jeff “Siege” Siegel on drums from 1994-99 with two European festival appears including Montreux Jazz Festival (w/Hellen Merrill) and Graz Piano Meeting. The trio also performed in quartet with horn players Frank Wess, Johnny Coles and Jim Finn.

Arthur Rhames Quartet

Multi-instrumentalist genius Arthur Rhames fronted this quartet from 1980- 83 (and sometimes trio w/out bass) of Arthur Rhames (tenor saxophone, piano & guitar), John Esposito on piano, Otto Gardner on bass and Jeff Siegel on drums.  Arthur’s influence on his peers in New York City during the 80’s such as Wallace Roney and Vince Herring lives on.  Sadly, only one CD from this group exists entitled Live from Soundscape (DIW Records).

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Photo by Neil Segal
Photo by Neil Segal